Why Something Needs to be Done

  • Central American TPS beneficiaries have contributed greatly to this country economically and in their communities.  However, every 18 months there is that uncertainty that they could be separated from their families.  TPS beneficiaries have followed all of the rules imposed and have paid every fee imposed.  It is time to allow these people to have the opportunity to adjust for permanent residency.
  • The cost of renewing TPS every 18 months is high and burdensome for many families. Each individual has to pay $465 each time.
  • Families have lived here for more than 15 years in limbo and find it hard to make long-term plans because they do not know what might happen to them if TPS ends.
  • This temporary and conditional status creates confusion and insecurity in the workplace every time the 18-month period is close to expiring, as employers start to make threats to fire workers weeks in advance.
  • TPS also creates disruption for the businesses that depend on these workers.  Renewal delays can cause interruptions in the work place. Every 18 month there are difficulties renewing the driver’s licenses because of lag time between the expiration of our old work permits and the effective date of new ones.
  • TPS conditional status does not permit travel outside the U.S., therefore, TPS beneficiaries have been unable to visit their countries of origin to see their families—parents, children, brothers and sisters, further eroding the unity and stability of families.
  • In the case of mixed-status families, TPS recipients married to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident are not able to gain permanent residency for themselves unless they first leave the United States and re-enter with the permission from USCIS. Every 18 months, these families fear separation if the recipient’s status is not renewed.

TPS is, at best, a mixed blessing for our communities. On the one hand, recipients can work legally and be protected from deportation. On the other, they have no chance to transition into a more stable status that allows them to truly integrate into our society. 

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